Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In full bloom...

The beautiful weather has brought lots of growth to the garden! Almost all of the beds are now planted and we have begun the process of thinning, weeding, adding nutrients (organically of course) and harvesting! There is also a lot of maintenance work to do around the garden so that we can create a community space for people to enjoy.

Come Wednesdays anytime from 2-6pm to help out! The garden needs love and we can always use an extra pair of hands even if you can only come for a few minutes.

Here are some photos of what is currently blossoming...
Our very first apples! The trees have some cedar rust that needs to be taken care of but the fruits look tasty already!
Senior Melissa Green returns to see our brand new strawberries.

          Garlic Plants getting tall and curly. 

Melissa found a dragonfly!
Eggplant transplants. Hopefully we will be eating them soon!
Marigolds protect onions and the rest of the garden from pest and disease. And they look pretty!
The Doctrine of Signatures: Things that taste good together, grow well together. Newly planted tomatoes and basil. Yum!

Our bed of mixed greens is growing out of control! Salad anyone?
Our huge thyme plant (perennial from last year). Rosemary, sage, chives, lavendar, chamomile, lemon balm and columbine flower (to attract butterflies) are also growing in the herb spiral!

We are krazy for kale!!

Have these photos convinced you to come to the garden yet?!! It's beautiful and it's summer! Come hang out!

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  1. Pull those garlic scapes! Once they've started to restraighten like yours have they're not as edible. Also you want to pull them so that the plant's energy goes into the bulb and not the "flower".